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label services & how we work

rasberry soda offers a collective & collaborative label construct. We strive to connect artists with each other, and our label’s setup is here to support artists in various ways.

So, what’s on the menu? Well, we’ve got network meetups, family-style get-togethers, both digital and physical distribution, and advice on everything music business-related. We’re serious about hitting those commercial highs, but here’s the deal – we’re in it for the long run, so we’re looking for artists who are just as committed as we are. Having a knack for making music and aspiring to build a career in the music business can be two completely different things. This is how we ensure we’re genuinely convinced by the artists who join our family, inspiring us to support them in the best possible way.

It’s not just about distribution: we get that new artists face the same problems, like figuring out live gigs, finding their audience, and getting on those Spotify playlists. We understand our label structure as a platform, here to help with all the admin stuff, networking, and answering your burning questions.

What do we expect from you? A basic understanding of how the music industry works – where the money comes from, what it means to „release a song“, and who holds the rights to a song and for how long (Welcome to the music business!).

Feeling a bit lost? Hi, we also provide consulting services. Mica offers free counseling sessions, plus there are podcasts & newsletters, and books. We’d love to grab a coffee with everyone, but let’s be real – that’s not gonna happen. Instead, send us your songs and lay out your plan. We’ll listen to what you have to say and get back to you. If you don’t hear back from us, a few things could be at play: it could be due to three things: a) we briefly listened between meetings, found it not quite fitting, and forgot to reply – or b) the email has been left unread. Don’t hesitate to shoot us a reminder, but as annoying as it is, if you don’t hear from us after your second nudge, it might be time to explore other opportunities.

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