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Pure Chlorine feat. Glazed Curtains – EGO (2022)


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How can you overcome a toxic relationship? The first step is to recognize that it is indeed toxic. Pure Chlorine’s new single „EGO“ combines the anger, the urge to smash something and the need get your attitude back. Pure Chlorine captures the moment when you are finally able to stand up for yourself in her signature hard-and-heavy soundscape that includes EDM beats and analogue instruments as well. „Sorry that I smashed your ego, but I’m sick of it“, Pure Chlorine tells us without caring whether the other person is listening – allowing EGO to transform the negative experience of a hurtful relationship into a statement of self empowerment

EGO shows the first collab between Pure Chlorine and her close friend, Glazed Curtains frontman Constantin Kary, whose voice supports the track’s speak-up-for-yourself message. Wether it’s a co.-worker, a romantic partner or a friend, any social relationship can take a toxic turn and even once you realized it, it’s even harder to end it. But, as Pure Chlorine would say: „Don’t you dare to say I need you, won’t get away with it.“ EGO will also be part of the upcoming EP (release date: may 13, 2022), where Pure Chlorine will further explore the inner world of complex relationships with others and oneself.