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Pure Chlorine – Hijacked (2022)


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Pure Chlorine – a distinctive smoky voice, heavy guitar riffs and EDM beats. Pure Chlorine captivates with an „in-your-face“ attitude that can show greatness even through weakness. After her first successful releases, Pure Chlorine pushes open the door to newfound sounds, chapters and even courage with their new single „Hijacked“.
Like a broken record that keeps jumping around, that’s how Pure Chlorine describes ADHD. Her personal experiences with the diagnosis can be felt in „Hijacked“.
„You won’t be able to reach me for a while“.
Hijacked was created in a phase in which the artist didn‘t yet know about her illness, but already realized that something is wrong. How to find oneself to a world that is not designed for you? The struggle to deal with this mismatch is discharged in an angry, empowering and honest song: guitar riffs drive the sound with electronic elements and trumpets until the last beat. A trip through Pure Chlorine’s inner chaos, which she relentlessly exposes.

„Hijacked“ (release date March 04, 2022) is a foretaste of further confrontations with one’s own self and the sometimes toxic environment. Loud, angry and unfiltered, the artist reflects the emotions of Generation Z.