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Another Vision – Inbetween (Album, 2022)

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The twenties are a decade in-between: between being a grown-up and wanting to
play, between chilling on the sofa after work and all-nighters, between drifting around
and finding a focus for your life. And in the last two years also between the pandemic
and the future. With their first album, Inbetween, Another Vision capture the rapidly
passing changes in their own sound scape. 12 tracks inbetween digital and analog
instruments. Embedded in their grainy pop sound, Another Vision reminds us to
linger a little longer – for a night, a year or for a lifetime.

The two musicians from Innsbruck met in Vienna – at the beginning they were united
by their love for guitar-heavy band music. But this quickly developed into a passion
for creating new sounds with digital and analog instruments. The overlapping of
digital and analog worlds finds its preliminary climax in Inbetween.

In-between a Garden Hut and Skype Calls

In the middle of Christmas 2019, „Control“ is born in a garden hut in Innsbruck. Two
and a half years later, it is clear that „Control“ has set the sound direction of the
upcoming album.

The lockdowns and the geographical separation of the band created the Lyr-Oh-Fix,
weekly Skype sessions in which the lyrics to Inbetween were created. All of them –
except for the last verse of „Control“. That one was written in a small park behind
Mario Fartacek’s studio in Vienna. „It was beautiful there. Writing together again and
sharing our thoughts face to face after a long time,“ Michael recalls.
Another Vision’s attention to detail is evident in the fact that every swoosh and flutter
has its place and is given space. Together with Mario Fartacek (Mynth) and
Alexander Lausch, Another Vision kept the vibe of the demo versions and produced
an album that leaves nothing to chance.A song title was dedicated to the Juno as a
carrying synth sound generator and to produce four chords the two carted a 60 kilo
electric piano 500 km from Innsbruck to Vienna.track info:
The love song of the record. Whether it’s about a city, a person or a favorite tv show
remains open until the end. Happier unites the rockiness of Rieger, the pop-sound of
Head in the Clouds and the charm of Like Me.
Although the main guitar sample felt very atypical for the sound of Another Vision,
Mon Amour became a wild trip through the life of young musicians in a new city.
A track with almost exclusively synth sounds was Moritz Kristmann’s dream. And
that’s how Juno came into being. Lyrically, it’s about the moment when a thought has
been implanted in your mind that you can’t get away from. In the case of Another
Vision, it was the realization that their time together in Vienna would eventually come
to an end.