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Pure Chlorine x Ruhmer – DRAMATISED (2023)


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supported by Österreichischer Musikfonds

„Your image of me sometimes fucks with my brain“ (Pure Chlorine, Dramatised)

Pure Chlorine kicks off 2023 with a collaboration with Austrian musician RUHMER: their alternative-pop song DRAMATISED relentlessly exposes how complex social interactions can be when suffering from ADHD and depression. And it’s Pure Chlorine’s most honest song yet. The artist profoundly looks at how she lives with her mental illness and in which moments one loses oneself.

„To me, DRAMATISED is all about exaggeration. People love drama and are drawn to it. Then again, it’s also the aggravation in your head. How you feel when you have the impression you fail in social interactions,“ Pure Chlorine says.

DRAMATISED emerges in a situation like this during a writing session in Berlin. „Social situations with many people can be demanding and stressful for me. I was exhausted playing a role that wasn’t me.“ With this feeling in her system, Pure Chlorine writes the first lines to DRAMATISED. The collaboration with David Ruhmer in Vienna adds the missing piece.