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Pure Chlorine


booking // label


Pure Chlorine – a uniquely smoky voice and a lot of contrast: peroxide blonde bleached hair meets black leather jackets. Electronic beats meet heavy guitar riffs. Like this, Pure Chlorine creates pop songs with a „fuck you“ attitude towards the stigma of mental illness and the everlasting silence about it.    

Loud, angry, and unfiltered, Pure Chlorine reflects the emotions of Generation Z. The single „Hijacked“ (2022), with placements on Spotify editorial playlists such as „Fresh Finds Rock,“ „Fierce Femmes“ and „New Noise,“ quickly shows that Pure Chlorine is hitting a nerve. Live performances such as at the Donauinselfest in Vienna, Glacis Open Air in Magdeburg and the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg made 2022 a successful year. In 2023 new songs are waiting: With „The Pure Chlorine Problem“ (EP, release date: June 2023) will be even more personal in exposing the battle with unhealthy coping mechanisms. 


Foto Credit: Marcel Bernard




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