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Moritz Kristmann

Moritz Kristmann is a producer, composer, and musician based in Vienna. Starting with classical guitar at the age of six, he has trained himself in many different instruments. His main goal is to find and explore unique sounds in a variety of musical instruments and even everyday objects. His weekly short videos on Instagram and TikTok (@moritzkristmann) feature snippets of new song ideas, covering his favourite artists or make beats out of everyday objects or even the headshaking of his dog Teddy.


Since he started producing in 2020, he has had the chance to work with international producers like Steve Dub (The Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy) and Mo Hausler (One Direction, Everything Everything), as well as with upcoming artists like Pippa, Greyshadow, isi or his own band Another Vision.


Being mostly at home in Pop and Indie, he’s always looking for the edgy elements that make a song stand out. However, Moritz’s handwriting as a producer is audible without stealing the spotlight from the recording artist. While working with artists, he aims to find the one soundscape that shapes the song to its best while maintaining the original thought and spirit.


Very helpful for creating those soundscapes: Moritz’s soft spot for buying unusual music equipment and his evergrowing synth collection.


recent work:


Pippa – Geister (EP)

isi – Gürtelleben


Foto Credit: Michael Schmücking

Instagram // TikTok